Naturally Everything

Naturally Everything is a line of hair care products made for textured hair. It was born in the kitchen of a woman with type 4 kinks who knows the struggle is all too real. She set out to solve all of the problems she had with the many natural hair products she tried and never finished because they worked for the girls in the ads with the big curls, but didn't quite cut it for her kinky tresses. She needed moisture that wasn't greasy or heavy and that penetrated the hair instead of sitting on top of it. She wanted curl definition that didn't require an entire jar of gel that would dry her hair out. She needed something that would withstand humidity (she lives in Saint Louis and August has no chill).

Her goal was add an option to the choices the naturalistas of the world have to make. Do you want curl definition or moisture? New option: Both. Want healthy or cute? Um, both. Want something that smells wonderful or something that smells amazing? Trust me you want both. Something light weight or something that will actually work? BOTH! Something that will work for your daughter's big curls or your tight kinks? Both. We could go on, but you get it. Curly girls make too many compromises with their hair care. With that in mind she took all your "boths" and gave you EVERYTHING. Why settle when you can have EVERYTHING?